PPS Board of Education votes to send $790 million bond to voters in May, 2/28/17

(KPTV/ John Hendricks)

Very Elevated Lead Levels Found in Two Hayhurst School Classrooms,  9/14/16

Lead Found at Alameda Elementary School, 7/12/16

Portland Schools Struggle with More Potent Toxic Scare: Lead Paint, The Sunday Oregonian (front page), 6/11/16

Lead-laced Alameda Elementary play court finally closed, district plans full safety treatment, 7/13/16

Children taking part in a summer program held at Alameda School gather around Wenesday to observe that a lead paint chips lying on the ground of the school’s play court turned bright scarlet when a neighborhood parent ran tests on them — indicating the presence of lead. Hours later, district officials closed the play court, more than two years after the district’s own test results documented high lead levels there. (Virginia LaForte)

Dangerous lead paint on Alameda Elementary playground prompts partial closure, 7/11/16

Play Court with lead
Children frolic on the play court at Alameda Elementary in Northeast Portland. Officials declare part of the school grounds off limits Monday after tests confirmed the presence of dangerous lead debris. Portland Public Schools ran tests in October 2013 that showed fraying lead paint on the play court ceiling exceeded a federal safety level, but they never addressed it. Tests conducted in June found paint debris outside Alameda with lead at more than five times a state danger threshold. Lead paint is far more dangerous to children than lead in water. (Betsy Hammond / The Oregonian)

The Lead Hazard in Schools That Won’t Go Away, The Huffington Post,  9/8/14

Paint peels from the side of Alameda School. (Photo by Lynne Peeples)

Alameda Elementary School fixes one lead paint problem after parent complaint, but others remain. 4/11/14

Portland Public Schools repainted areas of Alameda Elementary School after a parent complained, but concerns remain. (Courtesy of Virginia La Forte)

Alameda school replaces lead-based paint, 4/11/14